Back to School - Tips and Tricks for Parents, Teachers and PTA!

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Back to School is (finally) here! While it's mostly a time of excitement for all involved - both parents and teachers alike have their emotions out of whack.

For PARENTS, the excitement of handing your children over to someone else to watch creates mixed emotions during drop off. Hello freedom - but will they please just stop growing up so fast!?

While TEACHERS eagerly await their classes to see their hard work and newly decorated classrooms.

We have all you need to get those first days running smoothly and your classroom to be the best in the school!


Whether this is the first time you've sent your little one back to school or perhaps your tenth time, these tips can help! The rushing to get all the school lunches ready plus the organization needed to ensure all the clothes or uniforms are washed, ironed and ready for the day. Here are our top tips for ensuring that the first school morning runs smoothly and emotions are under control. 

1. Put your kid's school sleep schedule back into place 2 weeks (yes 2 weeks, trust us its worth it!) prior to the start of school. Make them go to bed as if they were going to school and wake up too as if it were a school morning. It can take some time for their bodies to readjust. 

2. Create a family calendar so that everyone knows what is going on and where everyone is in the new school year. Ensure this is accessible to everyone either as a white board in your home or on a Google calendar. 

3. Inventory last year's school supplies BEFORE you head out to purchase more. Teach your kids the value of Upcycle and Recyling - and Donating - gently used supplies from last year that they don't need anymore! This will ensure no double-ups and it clears clutter in your house! We recommend shopping at the 99c or Dollar Store first to save some $$! (If you have a little extra, consider helping a teacher with #clearthelist on their wishlist to stock up!)

4. Create an "Inbox" for kids to put any school notes, permission slips, etc. That way they always know where to place them and reduces the chances of them getting lost or forgotten. 

5. Show your kids you're thinking of them with a small note in their lunch box! Easy to edit, personalize and print and slip in with the lunch you so carefully prepared!

6. Commemorate the day with photo's so that you can look back and remember just how little they were on that first day. Our back to school range features a great range of reusable first day of school chalkboard signs in every theme imaginable! From classic Chalkboard, to printer friendly white backgrounds in Sloth, Firetruck, Policeman, Unicorn, Crayon, Watermelon and so many more! Whatever your kids heart desires!

7. Send your kid to school with a small gift for their teacher! Help make the teachers day Brighter, your kid may be why they drink and we always need s'more great teachers! See more ideas here 
 Unique Digital Designs - Top tips for back to school First Day of School Signs


You have been given your class and now the real planning begins but first how will you decorate your classroom to keep it EXCITING for all your new students? 

1. Perhaps you would like to fill your classroom with inspiring quotes to ensure your students continue to believe in themselves. Here at Unique Digital Designs we have a great range of inspirational signs ready to print, frame and hang in your classroom. Check out our BEST SELLER print "Be the Change you want in the World"

Another fun way to decorate your classroom on the first day is with our COLORFUL and WELCOMING teacher's door sign. Ensure your students are feeling EXCITED to enter your classroom with this cute addition. One of the best things about this welcome sign is that it is editable and REUSABLE for all the years to come!

2. Make sure to make a #wishlist on and have your friends, family and community help you #clearthelist !

3. We also love this CLEVER idea from Pencils & Playgrounds! A small container with writing paper beside it for your students to write to you about "I wish my teacher knew". It allows students to communicate what's on their mind privately with you. 

Unique Digital Designs - Top tips for back to school Teacher Classroom Decoration printables


1. Do you have a great event or fundraiser idea for the PTA / PTO committee but unsure of how to get the word out to the wider school community?  Or perhaps with the new year comes the need for new committee members? 

2. Invite new and existing parents with an EYE CATCHING invitation edited by you to ensure all the key information makes it to your parents. 

3. During the first few weeks of school many PTA / PTO arrange a school drive to help the children in the community. Get the word out with these COLOURFUL School Supply Drive Flyers

Unique Digital Designs - Top tips for back to school PTA PTO Flyer printables

If you are a parent, a teacher or a committee member the first day of school can always be the hardest of the school year but we hope these tips, tricks, and fun easy to edit printables will help everyone ease back into it!

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