How to PRINT your files


Party planning is a LOT of work! Let me help you make it a little bit easier!
No driving to a local print shop and waiting. Have your digital files delivered right to your door step - including blank white envelopes for invitations!


❆ PRINT AT HOME (1-3 Business Days):

Invitations can be printed onto white card stock from home or at print shop (Staples, Office Depot etc).

Save your edited design as a .PDF:

 Select both "SAVE PAPER" and "SHOW TRIM MARKS" to ON.

 You will see the two fronts and two backs on the same page.

♡ Be sure to do a test print to make sure it's facing the correct way.

 Print the invitation and turn it over to print the backside - or take the PDF file on a USB to your local shop.

♡ Most designs use large amounts of ink, so we recommend using a print shop or ordering online

If you want to email or post your invitations, save the file as a .JPG.

❆ LET US PRINT FOR YOU (6-7 Business Days):

Includes double-sided color print of 5x7 Invitations from a professional printer onto 120lb Uncoated Accent Opaque Premium Card stock.
INCLUDES A7 sized 80# blank white envelopes with square flap.

♡ Purchase your digital design from Unique Digital Designs

♡ + Also purchase the separate print listing HERE

♡ Edit your Invitation and let me know when you're done

♡ Your Invitation prints and envelopes arrive at your doorstep!

NOTE: this Add-on listing is to be purchased WITH (in addition to) one of our 5x7 Unique Digital Design Invitations. Minimum 25 prints with this option. 



Prints of Love professional printing with Unique Digital Designs

 We have partnered with Prints of Love to offer our customers affordable, professional print quality, online printing services shipped right to your door! No waiting for me!

♡ Simply follow this link for the best available pricing  ( 

♡ Follow the prompts to upload your digital file and let Prints of Love do the rest!

♡ They offer international shipping and FREE 2-3 Day US shipping and envelopes in most sizes.



Regardless of your selected printed methods: 

♡ Please check your printer/print shop requirements prior to purchase.

 Test print one to check if your print settings are correct before printing many.

♡ We recommend printing on heavy WHITE card stock or photo paper.

 Be sure the print setting are set to "Actual size" when you print at home.  Sometimes "Scale to fit" will automatically be selected.

 Set the print quality to "HIGH" in print properties or preferences for best results.

 All PDF and JPEG files are 300dpi which is the standard for professional printing.  

♡ If any mistakes are made that are no fault of Unique Digital Designs, you will be required to repurchase the invites to have them printed again. 



♡ Colors may print differently from what you see on your screen. 

♡ It is also possible that color variations may occur between a photo lab, at home printer and a professional printer.

♡ Colors can vary from screen to screen and printer to printer.

♡ I strongly recommend viewing your proof from a computer monitor rather then your smart phone or iPad. In my experience, colors can be skewed even more on these handheld devices.

♡ Unique Digital Designs is not responsible for errors or undesired colors that occur during the print process.