Ugly Christmas Sweater Filter Holiday Party Snapchat Geofilter Sloth Holiday Sweater Party Personalize Custom Digital INSTANT Self EDITABLE

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Happy Holidays! Ugly Christmas/Holiday Sweater Party Time!
What better way to document your friends than with a customized Snapchat filter!
Set up a "geofence" and share your filter!

Try out the Editing DEMO now! Copy and paste the URL below to demo:

/// INCLUDED ///
* Snapchat formated PNG digital templates that YOU can edit!
File can be saved as a PNG for your own personal use to download and upload to Snapchat!
* Instructions
* Access to account with your pre-loaded purchased templates
* 5x7" Editable Printable Template Filter Sign - for posting at your event

* No software download needed!
* Easy to use! YOU can FULLY EDIT the filter as you like!
- Prefer Blue Text instead of black? Change it!
- Want it to have your event date? Change it!
- Don't like the images? Delete them!
* Your Customized and Personalized text can be edited and moved as little or as much as you need and want to!
* Text color and size can be changed
* Add images
* All Editing is done ONLINE through - so you don't have to download any software!
* Save as a high quality Snapchat formatted PNG


A. Add the Instant Edit design from MaMiInspired that you want to your cart
B. Purchase!
C. Etsy will send you an confirmation email with a PDF. This PDF is Instructions on how to open your purchased file in Templett. Please DOWNLOAD the instructions file!

In Templett:
1. Templett will send you an email with a link to your template.
2. Edit your template any way you like, as many times as you like, any time that you like!
3. Save as PNG and upload to Snapchat!

This listing is for one digital PNG template that YOU can edit with your own personalized information.

///Snapchat - NOT included///
* YOU must submit your edited file to Snapchat ahead of your big event and pay any geofilter fees.
* Note that Snapchat usually requires a minimum of 24hours to review.
* Make sure you use "Personal On-Demand" option as your filter will be rejected if you select "Community"
* Note: Contact information like URLs, hashtags, and social media handles, as well as photographs of people, or full names, are not allowed.
* YOU upload the edited PNG file to Snapchat and select the area, date, and time you would like to use this filter on Snapchat.
* Uploading a custom filter to Snapchat is an additional expense, starting at $5. Their prices vary depending on size of area and duration you would like to use the filter for. (A 20,000 square foot area and 12-hour time period is $5, their minimum charge).
* If you would like to use your geofilter in two different locations, i.e. at the ceremony and the reception location, you will need to set two separate geofilters.
* MaMi Inspired is NOT responsible for any Snapchat fees or for Snapchat rejecting your filter.

Note colors represented may vary between different screens.

*** Please note that since you are purchasing a digital file, nothing will be sent to a mailing address. ***

Feel free to contact me with any questions or custom orders you may have!

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• Please note that you are paying for a creative service and the time spent designing and personalizing your item with personal information and/or photos, which is permitted for one-time PERSONAL USE. This item is not a licensed product; all character images used are free and not being sold. We DO NOT SELL or claim ownership over the character clipart or graphics; they belong to their respective copyright holders. Items purchased are for one-time personal use only and are not to be re-sold for any reason. Fonts are licensed and may not be reused or sold.

• Since you are purchasing an electronic Instant Download product - there are NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Filter Holiday Party Snapchat Geofilter Sloth Holiday Sweater Party Personalize Custom Digital INSTANT Self EDITABLE.

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