Babies on Board Heart Baby in Car Magnet Baby Footprints - Car Magnet Decal

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Stand out with this custom Heart and Footprint design version of the standard "Baby on Board"tm sign!
Unlike vinyl decals (that can only be located once), this magnet design is removable and can be relocated. 
Magnet is approximately 4 inches and comes in a variety of color options. Lightweight and just 0.85mm (0.03in) thin.
Standard Background Colors:
* Yellow
* Gray
* Babies on Board
* Precious Cargo on Board (sold separately)
My design includes a heart with bold font or with baby footprints and heart center. Note that the BABIES ON BOARD design hearts are slightly larger than the "Precious Cargo" designs sold separately. 
Note colors represented may vary between different screens and printers.
I use a printer who provides magnets that are specifically intended to be placed on cars!
High quality, outdoor, fade-resistant, weather-resistant and durable magnet.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or custom orders you may have!
* Prior to application, clean the metallic surface and the Magnet with a mild detergent. Wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry. Follow the recommendations on the detergent and those of the car manufacturer.
* Ensure surface is metallic and smooth, flat or only slightly curved.
* Don’t apply the Magnet on an area that isn’t steel or metal or that has extensive non-metallic fillers. Aluminium, wood or fiberglass will not function as a surface.
* The Magnet should be at room temperature when applying.
* Take care when handling the Magnet in extremely cold conditions, as it can become brittle.
* The Magnet is not for use under water or on aircraft.
* Please remove Magnet prior to washing vehicle!
* MaMi Inspired is not responsible for loss of product, child safety or surfaces this product is used on.
• All designs, images, composition and likeness to this product are copyrighted and owned by MaMi Inspired, LLC. Items purchased are for personal use only and are not to be re-sold for any reason. Copyright does not transfer with purchase.
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