Homecoming Snapchat Geofilter, Editable Homecoming Queen Vote Filter, Football Snapchat Frame, Vote Homecoming King, Filter


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It's Homecoming season!
What better way to encourage students to vote for you for Homecoming Queen or King - than with a customized Football Snapchat filter! Edit to make it your school colors for school spirit!
Set up a "geofence" and share your filter! [Formatted to Snapchat's new size requirements!]

Copy and paste the demo URL see the range of editing: https://www.corjl.com/orders/demo/MEB6NJ

* Snapchat formated PNG digital templates that YOU can edit!
File can be saved as a PNG for your own personal use to download and upload to Snapchat!
* Instructions
* Access to Corjl.com account with your pre-loaded purchased templates

* No software or font downloads needed!
* See demo to see the range of text and image editing available!
* Easy to use! YOU can EDIT the template as you like!
* Add images

A. Add the Instant Download design from Unique Digital Designs that you want to your cart
B. Purchase!

In Corjl:
1. Corjl will send you an email with a link to your template.
2. Edit your template
3. Save as PNG!

NOTE: Editing text from your mobile/tablet IS POSSIBLE - however for further editing options (font type/color) then you will need to edit from your computer browser.
Each template currently has a set limit of 6 downloads, for 6 months.

Note colors represented may vary between different screens and printers.
No prints included. Printing is responsibility of the buyer.

❄ NOT included ❄
* Any physical items (posterboard, chalkboard, prints)
* Unique Digital Designs is NOT responsible for any printing fees or results of printing as we have no control over the printers and paper used.

❄ Snapchat(tm) - NOT included ❄
* YOU must submit your edited file to Snapchat ahead of your big event and pay any geofilter fees.
* Note that Snapchat usually requires a minimum of 24hours to review.
* Make sure you use "Personal On-Demand" option as your filter will be rejected if you select "Community"
* Note: Contact information like URLs, hashtags, and social media handles, as well as photographs of people, or full names, are not allowed.
* YOU upload the edited PNG file to Snapchat and select the area, date, and time you would like to use this filter on Snapchat.
* Uploading a custom filter to Snapchat is an additional expense, starting at $5. Their prices vary depending on size of area and duration you would like to use the filter for.
* If you would like to use your geofilter in two different locations, i.e. at the ceremony and the reception location, you will need to set two separate geofilters.
* Unique Digital Designs is NOT responsible for any Snapchat fees or for Snapchat rejecting your filter.

* Please note you are purchasing a digital file, nothing will be sent to a mailing address.

• Items purchased are for one-time PERSONAL USE only and are not to be re-sold for any reason. Edits made to templates are considered derivatives of original work and Copyright ownership remains with Unique Digital Designs. Copyright does not transfer with purchase.

• Since you are purchasing an electronic Instant Download product - there are NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

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Catherine Lubowitz
We bought snap filter last minute. Thinkin...

We bought snap filter last minute. Thinking it would be easy. We tried editing and were unable.

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Meilanicastro Luettgen
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